Staci Heather Reed

Director Of Leasing

Staci is a native New Yorker who’s enjoyed a successful career in various facets of the city’s real estate industry since 1994. Over the years, she’s accrued full-service experience in rentals, listings, and business development, drawing from her strong relationships with clients, landlords and property owners.

Specializing in getting exclusives and finding great apartments in Manhattan, she works closely with over 300 landlords and private owners to get their apartments rented, finding them ideal tenants as quickly as possible. She is truly exceptional at making things happen when no one else can.

“I work hard for every client so they always feel well served and satisfied in every way. I am highly regarded and trusted among the many landlords and owners I serve throughout the city, and I am known for my drive, confidence and tenacity, always getting them the best quality results and value. My key to success is listening, keeping a fresh knowledge of the market, responding quickly to opportunities, and negotiating with expertise so all parties walk away happy.”

Staci brings a tremendous passion to her work and takes pride in representing New York City; everything from the people, culture, nightlife, etc, there are always new and wonderful surprises to discover. She also enjoys traveling when time allows.